How to Plan a Fashion-Forward Wedding in London 

Planning a wedding is no small feat. There’s so much time, effort, and attention to detail that goes into creating the day of your dreams. This task becomes even more exciting yet challenging if you’re a fashion-forward couple looking to tie the knot in a trendy celebration that you’d find in an editorial magazine. If this sounds like you, then this one is dedicated to you.

I’m breaking down how to have the chic wedding you’ve always wanted – from incorporating elements into your decor to choosing attire that complements the overall theme.

Include these in your wedding, and Vogue will be in your inbox asking for a feature sooner than you think.

Here are 3 of my top tips to planning a fashion-forward wedding in London:

Incorporating Chic Elements into Wedding Decor

The decor of any event, particularly a wedding, plays a big role in setting the mood and theme. If you want to create a fashionable and stylish ambiance, it’s important to incorporate elements that reflect the current trends in weddings, interior design, and fashion into your decor.

For instance, incorporating Pantone’s color of the year into your flower arrangements, table settings, and lighting can instill a contemporary vibe while keeping in line with renowned design trends.

If your color palette is different, think about incorporating opulent textiles such as velvet or silk where possible. These fabrics naturally bring a touch of sophistication and polish, enhancing the aesthetic allure of your wedding.

However, while it’s exciting to experiment with trends, it’s equally important to balance these elements with timeless classics. This will ensure your wedding remains stylish and visually appealing for years to come, even when the trends have changed.

Selecting a Trendy Wedding Venue in London

With its rich history and contemporary vibe, London is home to countless unique and fashionable wedding venues. From historic landmarks that offer a timeless charm to private clubs that exude exclusivity, chic hotels that act as opulent settings, to art galleries that promise a modern, artsy backdrop, you’ll have no issues trying to find a venue that fits your overall vision.

When choosing a venue, consider the location, capacity, and aesthetic. Does it fit with your desired theme? While you want it to be a mix of timeless and sophisticated, it doesn’t hurt to ask whether or not it’s Instagram-worthy for your fashion-forward guests.

Some popular fashion-forward venues in London include The Gherkin, known for its distinctive shape and views, The Ned, a former bank transformed into a beautiful vintage-inspired hotel, and Syon Park, which marries historic elegance with natural beauty.

Choosing Stylish Attire for Your Special Day

Lastly (and arguably most importantly) is your wedding attire. This plays a big role in a fashion-forward wedding. It’s an opportunity to make a style statement that encapsulates your personality and sense of fashion. Consider incorporating statement bridal pieces such as bold heels, unique jewellery, and eye-catching gowns. These elements can add a touch of individuality and glamour to your bridal look, making it truly memorable.

But the fashion shouldn’t just stop with you as a couple. Encourage your guests to dress in line with your fashion-forward theme by giving them a “dress to impress” or a black-tie dress code. This will not only strengthen the overall aesthetic of your wedding but also create a stylish ensemble of attendees, which happens to make for great wedding photos.

Capture Your Fashion-Forward Editorial London Wedding with a Professional Photographer

Planning a fashion-forward wedding in London requires a keen eye for style, careful selection of the venue, and thoughtful incorporation of fashionable elements into your decor and attire. It doesn’t end there, though. Once you iron out all those details, you’ll need a professional to photograph them.

As your London wedding photographer, I’m here to ensure that every little detail gets captured –  from the love story of the day to the linens you carefully chose during the planning process. 

To learn more about what your wedding experience could be like with me as your photographer, check out my experience page and see what other married couples had to say!